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맘노코는 프리미엄 육아용품을 최상의 품질과 합리적인 가격으로 제안합니다.
마음의 감동을 드릴 수 있는 제품을 선보이는 것이 맘노코의 비전입니다.

사랑스러운 우리 아이에게 마음놓고 '맘노코' 하세요!

We are a team based in Korea and Canada.
Our story began with the wonderful experiences we have had with young children working as a kindergarten teacher and being a mother.
It extended to conversations and over a hundred moms and dads, understanding their daily inconveniences and need.
This stemmed into Momnoko’s ideology of designing SAFE, SIMPLE, and STYLISH baby products.